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#1 2014-03-02 09:04:47

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[Solved] focus in lists is attracted to mouse cursor

SOLVED: I realized that this behaviour is caused by "unclutter" - a utility that hides mouse cursor on inactivity. Going to try the alternative: https://github.com/Aktau/hhpc.

xfce4 4.10.1, Debian testing up-to-date.

When there's a drop-down and the mouse pointer is inside it, I cannot navigate the list using keyboard. The focus in the list keeps snapping back to under the mouse cursor.

Also, (I think these are related) in some situations when there is a popup window with the input area, the input focus will jump back from popup back to where it was before the the popup.

I think this started when I enabled "Focus stealing prevention", but I since disabled it.

How do I get back to "normal" focus behaviour?

(also posted in unix.stackexchange.com)

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