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#1 2014-03-23 16:01:58

Tim Banchi
Registered: 2014-03-23
Posts: 1

Cycle windows of same application (with icon)

I use xfce 4.10 (xubuntu 13.10) and I am looking for a shortcut (or software) to cycle through windows of same application only.

In total I have 3 problems
1) cycle through windows of same application, not switch: the keyboard shortcut "switch window of same application" does only switch from one window to the next without icon preview and also it does not cycle (like Alt-Tab would cycle to the most recent window first).
2) when "cycle windows" (Alt-Tab), show only one icon per application window. Currently, if there is more than one window of an application, all the windows are shown when using Alt-Tab.
3) show an icon when cycling windows of same application: currently when switching, no icons are shown

I searched back and forth the internet for some app, plugin or configuration to realize that in xfce. I found some threads proposing skippy-xd but I dont need expose. In fact I would like to imitate the way unity handles windows of different apps using the keyboard with Alt-Tab and Alt-`.

One solution would be the Mate desktop but it is still much slower on my computer than xfce (and I like the way xfce panels work and are placed on the desktop) and unity does not work at all because it needs 3D support.

If someone can help me out that would be great.

If that is not possible I would also be happy if someone can give me tips how to handle windows of different/same apps efficiently via keyboard (I often have multiple windows of one application open (like thunderbird and lightning calendar or pgadmin object browser and sql window) - probably the run and raise solution but it seems quite a hassle if I change to different applications)


#2 2014-03-26 17:06:50

From: Portugal
Registered: 2013-01-17
Posts: 57

Re: Cycle windows of same application (with icon)

Hi Tim,
I'm not aware of any way to replicate that alt-tab behavior (a-la Gnome Shell)
One tip that might work:
- Open each application in one workspace
- Open the different windows of the same application that workspace
- Cycle with alt-tab the different windows of the same application
- Change workspace (with the keyboard shortcut of your choice) to change between applications


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