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#1 2014-03-29 17:26:50

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Changing Username in "Action Buttons" Name Box


My User Name is much too long when it's displayed in "Sessions Menu" mode in the "Action Buttons" app in the Panel. The only alternative is switching to "Action Buttons" mode which takes up as much space. I wish to use my initials instead. Outside of trying to change my administrative name which I used to set up my Petra account, how can I replace my full name for my initials in the "Action Buttons" name box?

Thanks for any tips!

Jim in NYC
XFCE 4.10  Linux Petra 32bit

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#2 2014-03-29 18:18:50

From: Canada
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Re: Changing Username in "Action Buttons" Name Box

The Actions plugin will use the comment field from /etc/passwd (if a value exists) otherwise it will display your username. So, to change what is displayed, change the value in the comments field. (If the value in that field is blank, it will use your system username).

To see what value is there now:

cat /etc/passwd

...it is the 5th field.

To change it:

sudo usermod -c "JW" USERNAME

...where "JW" is the string that you want to appear and USERNAME is your username.

After the change, you need to restart xfce4-panel:

xfce4-panel -r

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