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#1 2014-04-13 01:26:44

Registered: 2011-12-11
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Action Button Doesn't Activate Switch User


I've 32bit Porteus 3.0 running XFCE 4.11 in ext4. By user directions I created two additional user accounts via "Adduser" in the command line and I can enter those accounts when booting in or logging in and out, but my panel's Action Button won't unghost and activate its "Switch User" button. Is there any way around this?

Thanks for any assist!

JIm in NYC


#2 2014-04-13 02:23:56

From: Canada
Registered: 2011-06-02
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Re: Action Button Doesn't Activate Switch User

The Actions Button plugin uses the gdmflexiserver executable for user switching. Is it installed on Porteus? It usually comes bundled with GDM or LightDM. What display manager does Porteus use?

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