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#1 2014-04-18 23:48:16

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scale window frame/decoration xfwm4

How to scale the windows frame/decoration on xfwm4?

Is there a right way to to it?
or is there any idea to include it in future releases?

As I couldn't find how resize the window decorations I just hacked a couple of program on xfwm4 to do it.
(yes: waste time first, ask questions later... hmm )

what I did: (not for the faint of heart...)
I did wrong anyway, I had to remove the "Missing defaults file" message and exit (1) from settings.c,
because I don't know xfce I didn't know where to put/read the scale factor,
because I last code in c 10 years ago I didn't know where to set a global scale factor,
because I don't know xfce I don't have the slightest idea where to put a UI to control it...
... you get the idea.

I just added a scale factor when reading the decoration icons and added the same scale factor to the buttons spacing when puting the button on the window frame.
(I also changed the left and right limits of the window title as it looked funny being so close to the buttons - now I have about the same spacing as the buttons spacing)

any way, it's working for me now. I just got a 4K, 38.5in TV that I use as my main monitor so I really, really needed this...
it works very nice scaling up all the about 100 themes I tried - seems to be working to scale down also but I really didn't care to try it like that.

otherwise xfce is working quite well on the 4K display smile

edit: ah! created a property on xfconf channel xfwm4 (I think... I get there though the settings editor) I had to move things around in settings.loadSettings...

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#2 2014-04-20 04:33:36

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Re: scale window frame/decoration xfwm4

No, there isn't a way to scale window decorations right now but if you talk to the devs on irc chat or the mailing lists they may help you out so you can help them add this new feature.


#3 2014-04-25 03:11:32

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Re: scale window frame/decoration xfwm4

Magnus wrote:

..... irc chat .....

Thank you, that worked! I found someone on the irc that directed me to the places to submit a suggetion.
That person seemed interested in the idea.

I submitted a different simple change to the Quicklauncher. let see how that goes.

This idea doesn't seem to generated any interest at all.
I would hate to have my own changes that nobody else is interested about sad


#4 2014-04-25 13:58:45

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Re: scale window frame/decoration xfwm4

m8118, I'll add my +1 for this feature. I'd want to scale up the min, max, close buttons because they're just a tad too small for my elderly eyesight no matter the theme.

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