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#1 2014-04-20 14:02:03

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Xfce keyboard shortcut with modifier key alone

I'm having trouble with setting Super (aka. Windows flag) key alone (to open Application Menu). Xfce allow me to set Super key as a single key shortcut, and I can open the Application Menu properly. But every other shortcut which use Super key as a modifier will open its application along with the Application Menu.
I try with another modifier, like Alt and Ctrl, and its seem this problem occurs with every modifier.
Any suggest? May I use a single modifier key as a shortcut (said, it will not execute command immediatly when I press the key down. but when release the key) ?


#2 2014-07-11 01:29:09

Registered: 2014-07-11
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Re: Xfce keyboard shortcut with modifier key alone

i have the same issue, does anybody know how to fix this? i have xubuntu 14.04


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