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#1 2014-05-21 14:44:24

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What do alt b and alt f do in default xfce?

I am trying to learn emacs and alt b moves the cursor back a word. Now, I tried
doing alt f (moves the cursor a word forward) and that worked, but alt b does
not. However the cursor blinked like a command was carried out, but I could see
no change.

I checked my Settings->Keyboard for some keybinding I may have set to alt b but
there was nothing. So I want to know, what is alt b bound to in a default xfce
installation? Also, this might be worth mentioning, I tried this on the default
workman layout that comes with stock xfce. When I switch to qwerty layout (the
standard us one) alt b works but alt f does not. Again, I have not bound them to

Also, (in workman layout) I tried binding alt b to opening a specific folder in
thunar, which worked. So I am not sure what the problem is. Please help.

NOTE : I tried it in i3wm (a tiling wm, that does not bind much) and
everything worked perfectly (both alt b and alt f).


#2 2014-06-14 19:56:07

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Re: What do alt b and alt f do in default xfce?

Generally speaking, the type of key bindings you're asking about is application specific, not handled by the DE.  As an example, you'll see that the bindings for many keys are different in emacs, nano and LibreOffice.

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