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#1 2014-10-21 18:59:43

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switching from kde to xcfe

At my job, we are switching from CentOs 5.1x with kde to Debian 7.6 wheezy with xcfe. The problem we are having, is that we run a program and depending on the OS, some part of what's inside the window is changing. When we run it in centos/kde, it's setup nice with the right size, but when we run it with debian/xfce, it's bigger and we are missing part of the information. The settings are hard coded by our programmers, so that's not the issue. Does anyone have an idea on how to have the same look and feel that we had before on our new system? Thanks in advance.


#2 2014-10-22 08:02:39

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Re: switching from kde to xcfe

I'm certainly no expert and I'm just guessing, so I'm probably wrong. But perhaps your programmers wrote the application to use Qt and your new distro setup does not have it installed since XFCE uses GTK.

Are you wanting to stop using KDE or just switch distros? Because you can always install KDE on whatever distro you use.


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