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#1 2012-08-23 10:31:53

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Change order of custom actions in application finder

I just made my xfce desktop even more comfortable by adding some custom actions to my application finder. Following the example for the !w action to do a wiki search i wanted to add a !g action to do a google search.
It would work out well if there wouldn't be the rule for ! which applies first (because i can't change the order of the custom actions and it looks like application finder just tries to apply them top down) and then just says there is no command "g" (which is obvious).

As a temporary work around i changed the ! to a !! so i can use !g for Google !y for yahoo and so on... But these list must be stored somewhere and if i would find that file i could change the order by myself. So does anyone know where it is?

Alternatively since xfce is open source i could grab the source code and add a function to the application finder to rearrange those items but asking here in the forum seems the easier (and faster) way to me smile


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