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#1 2012-11-17 10:39:12

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Can't Boot Synaptic Package Manager in XFCE But MATE Does


I don't know how related this is to my problem but after recently setting up Compiz and installing Wallch 4.0, I can't boot up Synaptic Package Manager in XFCE mode, but it does boot in MATE mode. Is there any way to repair this or must I uninstall Wallch even though I had it off while trying to boot Synaptic several times? It might have nothing to do with it either, but I updated Wallch from their Launchpad site via cut-pasting the line commands there into terminal.

As an aside, I just noticed that Compiz denies you a top button bar in your apps and windows and also affects the panel toolbar like keeping Workspace Switcher from opening workspace panels. Happens in both XFCE and MATE. For me at least. If this is normal Compiz behavior I can't see how it can be that useful by hampering features so. I don't see this issue under search here so I guess it'll Google it later.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Jim in NYC


#2 2012-11-17 14:53:39

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Re: Can't Boot Synaptic Package Manager in XFCE But MATE Does

I don't know about the Compiz thing but look at the Exec= line in synaptic.desktop and try the same command on the terminal to see which error it gives.


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