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#1 2013-11-11 04:41:18

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Undeleting files

Hi, I would like to undelete a file that I have realised I  still need. I can't find 'trash' in Xfce. Is there any way I can do this?


#2 2013-11-11 12:17:22

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Re: Undeleting files

Trash is located at ~/.local/share/Trash. If the file is not there, then here is an Arch Linux wiki article that talks about file recovery tools, and here is a similar Ubuntu wiki article. Even if you don't use either of those distros, the tools are most probably available for your distro as well.

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#3 2013-11-11 18:26:18

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Re: Undeleting files

The Thunar filebrowser will show trash in the left-hand pane (Wastebasket; press Ctrl-B if there is no left-hand pane). You can use that to select graphically what you want to restore. But .... this Wastebasket only contains files deleted from within Thunar. Install the trash-cli package and read the docs if you want to also add have a trash safety net from the command line.


#4 2013-11-13 16:01:54


Re: Undeleting files

Try looking inside your Trash folders;

ls -lah ~/.local/share/Trash/files/
ls -lah ~/.local/share/Trash/info/

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