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#1 2017-03-05 19:22:19

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Multimedia keys not working at all. (Already read other posts)

Hello dear XFCE users, I was in my search of a lightwheight, customizable desktop and I came across XFCE, everything went pretty neat, i could customize

almost every little aspect of my desktop but I encountered one problem, you see, when I used MATE or any other GNOME based Desktop i have some default

keyboard shortcuts that make spotify & clementine work, when I came to xfce i solved the spotify problem by pasting a dbus order that i found on this forum but If i

use that order then clementine stops detecting the multimedia keys so it is either clementine or spotify and clementine really sucks at spotify-ing, is there

something im missing if so, how can i "port" those MATE keybindings so i can use my media players normally?
Thanks in advance smile


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