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#1 2017-04-19 13:08:29

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mouse disappears on the lower half of my screen (ubuntu 16.04.02)

hi guys, so as the title suggests the mouse disappears on the lower half of my screen. it happened a while back after an update (not sure which) and i've just left it thinking that another update might re-write the file that broke or got corrupted or whatever. anyway a while has gone by and it hasn't magically fixed itself and so i was thinking of just re-installing. however, when i went to use kodi the other day the mouse magically reappeared on the lower half of the screen again. so now i'm thinking that the problem could be with the window manager maybe? it must be something to do with the display manager (i might be using poor terminology). also, even though the mouse is not visible it is still possible to click on things (if you happen to get lucky and land just over the button)


#2 2017-04-19 23:50:16

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Re: mouse disappears on the lower half of my screen (ubuntu 16.04.02)

Hello and welcome.

What version of Xfce are you using?

Also, it might be helpful if you post some information about your system. Specifically, the graphic card(s) it has and driver(s) that are being used. Also posting the results of "xrandr" might be helpful.

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