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#1 2017-07-19 11:08:16

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[SOLVED] xfce4-dict : web_url ( translation web service parameter)

Hi! Every body!

In fact, I ' yet solved my issue :

I'm french from France

and as none English nativ speaker, I use a (french) translation of Xfce4 (4.12/Debian)

The XFCE dictionary (xfce4-dict) offers the feature of using a web service for words translation.

This sercice uses web_url  (parameter) in  :    ~/.config/xfce4-dict/xfce4-dict.rc

This parameter can be set in the GUI :    Preferencies >> Web Services

feeding the URL field at the window botom with something like :


But unfortunely the explanation below translates  {word} to {mot} (in french) or maybe in your own language
http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applic … xfce4-dict doesn't specifie that point.

This is not very important point, but I've spent time, search and many tries before to think about that sad

So I hope this will be usefull to others


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