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#1 2017-11-23 07:01:28

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A couple of mock-up to inspire the devs team

Hi guys,

I am new here but I am not new with Xfce4, I am using it since 2009 across Zenwalk, Xubuntu and eventually Debian (stably since 2012).
I am pretty satisfied about Xfce4 however I am one of these people who still claim a bunch of lacking features (yes I admit it, I am one of those who wants a double panel in Thunar... roll). Unfortunately I haven't any coding skill so I prepared a couple of mock-up hoping to inspire someone else. I already posted them on the G+ page but the engagement wasn't really exciting so I would like to show them also in the official forum.

I believe an important feature that is missing is a full-screen task-switcher, usually this feature is associate with a fancy animation, however I think it would not be in harmony with the Xfce4 style. Exists something ideally similar the Xfdashboard however I would not suggest it to anyone. In fact I would suggest to hack the current Window Switcher Dialog to add a further behavior to replicate the expose` effect:

Full-screen task-switcher mock-up

The second mock-up is regarding a dock plugin for the panel. Let me states that there are a lot of docks around but no one that fits well the DE, it would be better a specific plugin. I understand that create a dock applet can be tedious or a long process (even if mate has its own mate-dock-applet) so my idea is, instead to create a full dock, it might easier or faster creating a launcher that works as a dock: a Dock Launcher. Dock launchers beside a flat windows list applet without labels on the intellihide panel can replicate the exact behavior of a full dock, we should just modify the windows list applet to permit to pin a window as dock launcher. It is cool, isn't it?

Dock launcher behavior

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#2 2017-11-23 19:32:12

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Re: A couple of mock-up to inspire the devs team

Maybe the xfce4-dev mailing list is a better place for more direct developer input.
Or you can create a bug report requesting a review of your suggestions.


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