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#1 2018-02-06 21:56:42

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Chicago95 for XFCE theme help

Hey guys, I've recently made some updates to the Chicago95 / Windows95 Total Conversion theme for XFCE. I'm trying to get some feedback on issues that people might run into since I'm unable to test every nook and cranny. GTK2 appears to work perfectly for the most part; GTK3 on the other hand might have a few issues.

screenshot 1:
Direct link (unscaled): https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95/ … g?raw=true

screenshot 2:
Direct link (unscaled): https://i.imgur.com/PZZkJzy.png

XUbuntu 17.10 is the preferred distribution for the theme, however I imagine it should work across most Debian based distributions well enough. Some distributions use different versions of XFCE plugins so parts of the instructions might be a little off.

Main repo

I also have an alternative for non compositing environments where I made some workarounds since GTK3 unfortunately wasn't meant for that situation. This is mostly intended for older systems and gaming since it's common to disable compositing for those situations.

And an alternative for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS users since the main project moved on.

- There are some issues that I'm unable to fix, such as LibreOffice 5 with the libreoffice-gtk3 package having some odd inconsistencies with the rest of the system theme; but this seems to be the case with other themes as well. I just recommend uninstalling the package so that libreoffice falls back to the GTK2 engine. I do this regardless of the theme anyhow.
- Some GTK3 applications like Thunderbird seem to use their own menu arrows and separators, unless I'm missing something there.
- There's support for GNOME's client side decorations, however it looks really out of place with a skeuomorph theme imo. (I have an alternative with disabling those though!)
- Also there isn't any support for high DPI displays. I don't know how to make SVG icons or how to work with that stuff since I don't have a high DPI display myself. For the most part I'm still running on a CRT, but 1080p is the highest monitor res I've got at the moment.

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