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#1 2018-10-10 19:03:59

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Need To Remove Folder Icons

A year and a half ago there was a discussion of this topic and it seemed there never was a satisfactory solution. I just had icons appear on my desktop that I couldn't remove and stumbled across the answer in my case so thought I would pass it on in hopes it might help someone.

It turns out I had created nfs mounts in /etc/fstab and the icons appeared because I found I had the Desktop Settings/Icons/Removable Devices/Network Shares box checked. Dutifully the computer put them on the desktop even though the mount points didn't exist. All I had to do was remove the fstab entries and the icons magically went away. Of course I could have unchecked the box but then others went away, too.

Simple problem, simple and obvious solution (except at 4 a.m.) unless you've never faced it before.


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