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#1 2016-03-23 06:40:06

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Official lightweight PDF viewer for XFCE?

Hi folks,

I'm new to the forum, but not to XFCE4. I recently started a PC revival project (actually an old netbook) and I installed FreeBSD and XFCE4 on it. This small thingie is growing and I now use it for scientific writing using LaTEX. One of the things that stroke me when installing XFCE is that there is no 'official' PDF viewer in it.

So I grabbed a github repository with a reasonably recent version of epdfview and started hacking. The result is a version of epdfview which includes two features which are essential for any serious LaTEX 'hacking':

1.- The possibility to trigger an external script with a Ctrl-Mouse click, passing information on the position of the mouse (page and coordinates) and the PDF file name. This is then postprocessed by a script that calls synctex and from there you can call your favourite editor to open a file at a specific position.

2.- The possibility to trigger a PDF reload with a UNIX signal (SIGHUP seems to be a favourite).

All this is in my github @ https://github.com/paaguti/epdfview and if you like it, why not considering it as a candidate for an official leightweight PDF viewer for XFCE4? It would make me happy to contribute back to the community.


#2 2016-03-27 01:14:08

From: Sud-America
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Re: Official lightweight PDF viewer for XFCE?

Yeah, that my original github copy of pdfview.

I take all the patches I manage to find to fix errors. I'm not programmer so I just try to keep it alive or at most in one place to guys like you who wanna access it since the original webpage go 404 not so much after I started the repo.

Is feel good know that the objetive of the repo (not lost the source of pdfview) is done ok.

SIGHUP: The default action on POSIX-compliant systems is an abnormal termination, so a Restart or reload not look like the correct SIGnal... but I cant find the apropiate anyways.

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#3 2018-11-02 05:31:42

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Re: Official lightweight PDF viewer for XFCE?

epdfview is now ported to gtk3!



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