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#1 2018-12-03 08:28:02

From: Rhineland
Registered: 2017-02-18
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Whisker - additional settings.

On left that is a pic of Linux Mint 19 whisker, on right that is Debian 9.6.

FF app in favorites. Doing a right click on the ff icon.

LinuxMint shows in contrast to Debian additional entries like ...

* open new private window
* open new window


* modify app with menulibre.

Where are those add. settings made?



#2 2018-12-03 17:21:30

From: America
Registered: 2018-08-21
Posts: 112

Re: Whisker - additional settings.


Just a minor observation: the whisker-menu plugin in LM 18.3 is @ version 1.7.3, and in LM19.0 @ 2.1.7 -- a major leap forward which also comes with the (now working) integration with the "menulibre" menu-editor.

Those additional application-specific menu sub-options are specified in that apps' {application}.desktop file -- a.k.a. an apps' generic launch script -- in a subsection labeled [Desktop Action {....} ]. For firefox, there are 2 sub-options included in LM19.0 (missing in LM18.3), as follows: [Desktop Action new-window] and [Desktop Action new-private-window].

All such menu sub-options provide much app-specific flexibility but do not needlessly clutter the menu-tree, imho a good compromise compared to windoz' menu-bloat ...

Cheers, m4a

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