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#1 2016-07-25 04:58:07

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[Solved]How to change the "Favorites" icon on the whisker menu?

I almost have my setup just the way I like it ... except that the Favorites icon on the whisker menu does not match the theme.


Usually when this happens, I just find an icon I want to use and I copy/rename it. However, this technique is failing me now.

I put the following icons in the following places:
favorites.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories
application-favorites.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories
user-favorites.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories
bookmarks.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories
application-bookmarks.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories
user-bookmarks.svg in /usr/share/icons/theme name/categories

I also put the same icons in /usr/share/icons/theme name/places. And nothing changed ... even after a logout/login and/or reboot.

Does anyone have any idea the name of this icon and where it resides?

Thanks in advanced!

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#2 2016-07-25 10:31:29

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Re: [Solved]How to change the "Favorites" icon on the whisker menu?

The icon is called user-bookmarks. In the elementary-xfce theme, it was located in apps/24. Make sure you "gtk-update-icon-cache ." in the root of your icon theme for it to be recognized.

What icon theme are you using?

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#3 2016-07-25 11:59:56

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Re: [Solved]How to change the "Favorites" icon on the whisker menu?

Thanks for the reply.

I added the icon to the apps folders: 16, 22, 32, scalable. Ran gtk-update-icon-cache restarted. When that didn't work, I added a "24" folder in apps. Added the icon Ran gtk-update-icon-cache restarted. Same result.

Then I ran gtk-update-icon-cache -f. That seemed to do the trick.


Only issue now is that I threw so many icons all over the place I do now know which one did the trick. But that is a problem I can live with. smile Thanks for help!

By the way ... I am using the Emerald Icon Theme.


#4 2023-01-18 18:26:18

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Re: [Solved]How to change the "Favorites" icon on the whisker menu?

I want thank you both for this help. It worked well.


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