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#1 2016-12-12 21:31:06

From: South Bend IN. U.S.A.
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The search engin and then some needs work

I tried to search for a few topics concerning Xcfe that the internet is swarming with questions and rants about, and quite a few lead me here. so I signed up, as I thought it must be the place to go for answers, but as soon as I typed in a few words = no results.  Fewer words = still no results, one word = way to many unrelated results to sift through. yikes

Now I feel like  I came to the wrong place, and wasted yet another huge chunk of my time trying to find answers. neutral

The search engine on this forum is pathetic, and really needs a lot of work.  there are no predefined tags.  No results while typing to show if I am getting closer... hmm

I read up on adding pictures, but am expected to open an account on an image hosting site, instead of being able to just upload them.  I wanted to add a gravitar (I already have one), but it did not bring me straight to a page where I could choose it even when logged in to Word press, and I have some on my PC, but no way to uploade one from there either, even though the whole point of the Gravitar system is to be able to pipe one in easily...  The themes are either too bright, or too dark, nothing in between.  It's like 1998 here;  BBCode??? hmm  Does anyone still host bulletin boards anymore?  I had all but forgotten my Usenet days!

These are all major deterrents, and in no way encourage me to want to go any farther, and just go back to DuckDuckGoo to look for answers, which is how I got here in the first place!!! sad

So much for "going straight to the source" it makes me feel like you don't want people to get involved.

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#2 2016-12-13 00:02:15

From: Canada
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Re: The search engin and then some needs work

I'm not sure what the purpose of this post is.

If it is to complain about the search engine, it seems to work fine here. As an example, let me pick out 5 words from your post (questions rants pictures source involved), enter them into the search field and press enter. Your post is found. Since you don't offer up what search terms you used or the topic you are trying to research, its difficult to comment on it.

If it is to complain about adding pictures or themes sorry, but that is the way FluxBB works. If you really want to change the theme, look at something like stylish.

We use this software because it works. If you want to lead an initiative to change it and volunteer your time to do so and to maintain it, then great. Get a hold of the developers and start the process.

If you had just asked your question, you'd probably have an answer by now. This is a help forum.


#3 2016-12-14 19:31:23

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Re: The search engin and then some needs work

Use Google (etc.):

site:https://forum.xfce.org {term1} {term2} {etc.}

Can use all the usual advanced search tricks (including prefixing a term with - when you don't want results that include that specific term.

For posting image links (and, I suppose, avatar images), you can use ZimageZ - which has the advantage of being an image-hosting website that is integrated into Xfce's own screenshot application.


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