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#1 2017-03-10 23:39:58

From: Free City of Brovos
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2 seperate sessions running sametime but on different monitors

I am stuck when it comes to desktop environments,window managers, sessions.  i love tinkering and learning with linux. Ill never use Microsoft windows. Im not new to linux its just that i love using lxde and i also love xfce4. right now im trying out lumina for the first time. so far im not too impressed (lumina-desktop 279MB). I'm really big on keeping memory resources down. hence lxde and xfce are great. My question. I have linux debian mint LMDE2 (modified to my needs) running on my laptop with a extra Monitor connected HDMI (smart tv) and i extend mode is it possible to run lxde on one monitor and xfce4 on the extended tv at the same time? possibly separate users. one for each environment? i think i would need to have separate logins. so how can i use/test/learn/play/program with both session/desktop environment starring back at me on each monitor? thank you....timmy


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