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#1 2017-05-08 07:14:36

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[SOLVED] application with different theme

Hi everybody,

Here I am today to ask you something about theming.
I'm trying to launch geany (1.27) with a different theme than the one using in general.
So I've created a desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ with this command to start it

Exec=env GTK2_RC_FILES="/home/martus/.themes/Mod-elementary-dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc" geany %F

Mod-Elementary-dark is the elementary Dark theme, but I changed the name when I copied it in .themes.

Which give this

Which is not what should give this Theme, Here what geany look like if I change it from settings/Appearance

It seems like the theme not loading entirely....
What to do to get theme applied properly??

Thank you for your time.

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#2 2017-05-08 10:26:43

Registered: 2017-05-05
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Re: [SOLVED] application with different theme

Ok i found the solution by just adding a missing line in my theme gtkrc file

It was missing a config line about "GtkTreeView"

GtkTreeView::odd_row_color = shade(0.98, @base_color)

so now I'm all good about having geany with a dark theme.

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