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#1 2017-11-22 21:31:18

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Greeting from Danielsan

Hi Guys,

I was convinced to be already subscribed to the XFCE forum... That's weird indeed.

Anyway I am full Xfce4 supporter since Gnome 3, before I was half and half divided between Gnome 2 and Xfce.

I tried many others DE also the ones who claim to be superior by design like Cinnamon or Budgie but I eventually I always discarded them, I mean those are fine but they are lacking something respect Xfce4, despite the fancy effects, they don't have the same consistency, solidity and overall the modularity of Xfce4, that are the reasons why it is my favorite DE!

To close I subscribed myself to present to the Xfce4 team a couple of idea I had!



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#2 2017-11-23 01:10:38

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Re: Greeting from Danielsan

Hello and welcome to the forums.


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