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#1 2018-01-15 01:06:43

From: Perth, Australia
Registered: 2018-01-11
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[SOLVED] xinitrc not found in tinycorelinux xfce4-session


Attempted to compile xfce4-session to a 64 bit TinycoreLinux which is a ramdrive system and default prefix=/usr/local
In following the build order from xfce docs I have only built to xfce-session and not yet xfdesktop or higher in case that is an issue and that I am pre-mature to try testing a graphical environment.

Booted into openbox, loaded xfce4-session, logged out to console prompt as no login manager is running and ran as non-root

startxfce4 --with-ck-launch

output was 2 lines with line one paraphrased as "Starting X server"
second line xinitrc not found.

2) I have copied the /usr/local/etc/xdg/xinitc to

but as you can tell I am not very good at building a new graphical environment.

not even sure I should copy as a dot file or a normal file name heh heh

3) TinyCore normally uses a .xsession to start the graphical environment and I will show the openbox variant in case I am advised to edit this instead?

/usr/local/bin/Xorg -nolisten tcp &
export XPID=$!
waitforX || ! echo failed in waitforX || exit
"$DESKTOP" 2>/tmp/wm_errors &
export WM_PID=$!
[ -x $HOME/.setbackground ] && $HOME/.setbackground
[ -x $HOME/.mouse_config ] && $HOME/.mouse_config &
[ $(which "$ICONS".sh) ] && ${ICONS}.sh &
[ -d "$HOME/.X.d" ] && find "$HOME/.X.d" -type f -print | while read F; do . "$F"; done

forgot to mention Tinycore has no xserverrc file, if that makes a difference

Thanks for reading

in openbox, thunar, panel and xfce4-settings-manager GUI all open correctly and appear to work as is

consolekit (ck) is loaded.

The xsession VARIABLES eg HOME are defined elsewhere in the TC scripts

thanks for reading

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#2 2018-01-15 11:35:54

From: Perth, Australia
Registered: 2018-01-11
Posts: 20

Re: [SOLVED] xinitrc not found in tinycorelinux xfce4-session

Ok  had some success

edit of that xsession file
added new secondline same as my console startxfce line and I got to XFCE

There are some glitches and its not useful but I can now test

thanks for reading


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