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#1 2018-01-28 15:42:01

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Hi there! So many to thank, so much to do!

I should maybe ask from help here every so often since xfce is my main desktop on Linux now. Thank you xfce people so much! I started on Linux from XP just two years ago. I'd looked at linux many times since the early 90's and never found it worth the effort, sorry...times change, and now Linux has matured so much. So, for older specialized gadgets I have to have XP (or 98 even), but the day when XP could do what computers can do is over. Now, I guess one thing can't do it all, progress huh? But Linux gave me kvm/qemu, and now I'm off to the races! During my 2 years of focus so far I distro hopped a bit, got a feel, and landed on Xubuntu 16x. Then last year built a newer computer was at a point to be able to build it from my own local pool entirely off line. My choice is now Debian with XFCE. Yes I still have XP boxes, and now vm's. And yes XP is still my benchmark of function and reliability. And honestly, it still wins. Note, over the years I've had more than a few XP boxes tweaked by me capable of a year of uptime. Crashes, reboots? I said YEAR. Browsing has become an issue on those old XP boxes. Really modern browsing isn't as clean as it once was. It seems all modern browsers are pigs if one insist on having 5 windows and dozens of tabs open for eons...so XP doesn't browse for me any more. I use VM's now. Day by day it all gets more functional!  Thanks again xfce people, debian people, and well all linux peoples...


#2 2018-01-28 17:54:30

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Re: Hi there! So many to thank, so much to do!

Hello and welcome.


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