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#1 2019-03-14 06:07:53

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Non-standard/novel icons: Effects on vision impared/naive users.

I'm making explicit that the use of non-standard/novel icons, as instanced by the 90 degree twisted IEEE 1621 power symbol icon that ends up looking like a stylized G, does have significant downsides.

People with vision impairment are going to be struggling to identify what it is. And struggling to find the on/off button.
Low skilled users will be struggling to find the on/off button.
And people, like me, who work with such users will be inconvenienced.

And all of the above people are much more likely to form negative associations and negative views of the xfce project in general and those responsible for the use of nonstandard/novel icons specifically.

I urge that standard icons be used whenever possible, and that non-standard icons be restricted to situations where there is an overwhelming case that a friendly and functioning UI depends on the use of a non-standard icon.

Other than this non-minor issue xfce works well so far.

U+23FB ⏻ POWER SYMBOL (IEC 60417-5009 stand-by symbol, IEEE 1621 power symbol)


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