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#1 2019-07-17 11:06:37

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Login recycles.

Installed Xubuntu  18.04

Gets into a state where logging in just returns  to login box.

I have just installed google chrome remote access

logging in  and login out via google chrome remote access cures it for a while.

Help please


#2 2019-10-06 02:41:10

Registered: 2019-10-06
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Re: Login recycles.

I have a similar problem. I have ubuntu 18.04, fully patched, using default  desktop. I added xfce. I can ssh to it. I installed chrome and chrome remote desktop. But when I try to use chrome remoting to log in from another system, even if on the same network or off it, I get the log in prompt on the screen that shows my name, but when I enter a password it just hangs.

It's like it doesn't start a new session, it's hanging somewhere. It's not that chrome remote can't connect to it, because that's a different problem. Chrome remote thinks it can see the machine.

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#3 2019-10-06 09:54:20

From: Canada
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Re: Login recycles.

Log files after an unsuccessful attempt would help. Look at ~/.xsession-errors, the journal or whatever logging chrome remote desktop provides.


#4 2019-10-07 02:45:30

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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Re: Login recycles.

can you log in the same user after doing Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to a text-only console?


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