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#1 2019-10-02 13:16:20

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Starting Xfce to use with TightVNC-Server


i use tightvnc-server with this in the ~/.vnc/xstartup and it works

xsetroot -solid grey
autocutsel -fork
geometry 640x480
startxfce4 &

Without 'startxfce4 &' in that file i can connectto the server but see only a grey background. Normally i use a lot of program starters on the desktop. i don't need all of them when connecting to a virtual vnc desktop, also i don't need weather information and the wallpapers. is there a possibility to start xfce with other settings? with a simple background color instead of changing wallpapers and only with some of my important program starters?


#2 2019-10-02 19:41:44

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Re: Starting Xfce to use with TightVNC-Server

At one point in time, it was possible to set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to point to another configuration directory and you could maintain separate Xfce configurations (to some extent). It doesn't seem to work in 4.14 anymore (xfconfd seems to ignore this), but in 4.12 it did work. You can give it try to see if works for you. Simply replace the last line of your xstartup file to read:

XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config-vnc" startxfce4 &

...and your Thunar, panel, and terminal settings should be set and managed in the second ".config-vnc" directory.


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