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#1 2019-10-23 19:38:08

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The truth about the dimension of the project.

Is the slow development of Xfce a consequence of a mature desk or lack of labor?
I read in several media that it is the second thing that is a bad promotion. :??


#2 2019-10-23 20:29:38

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Re: The truth about the dimension of the project.

Hello and welcome.

I would say its a bit of both. Xfce is/was mostly a feature-complete DE, meaning that the features that currently exist are the ones that were planned and completed (understanding that there are outstanding feature requests and bug reports). And as is the case with many open source projects, developer resources are limited at times. This last release took a long time both because of the resource challenges as well as the scope of the project.

It looks like the Xfce developers recognize that development was slower than the vocal community expected. Moving forward, the goal is to create yearly stable releases to address this complaint. For more information, have a read through Simon's blog. Simon is one of the core developers of Xfce and his blog posts detail future plans for Xfce.


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