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#1 2019-11-05 15:11:04

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Roll up window

I know this feature is probably loved by somebody but personally I dislike it. Does any way exist to disable it globally, any flag or option I can set that will remove it from menus ?



#2 2019-11-05 17:56:01

From: Canada
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Re: Roll up window

Hello and welcome.

There is no way to globally disable this option. However, you can:
- remove the roll-up button from he title bar (Settings Manager > Window Manager > Style tab)
- disable double-click on the titlebar to rollup (Settings Manager > Window Manager > Advanced tab)
- delete the "Shade Window" keyboard shortcut (Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard tab), if one exists
- disable mouse scroll to roll up (Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks > Accessibility tab)

That would only leave the shade menu as an option if you click on the window title bar Menu (which can be removed) or right-click on the titlebar menu popup (which cannot be removed).

Will that suffice?


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