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#1 2019-11-15 17:08:06

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thunar vol man with luks crypts

i have an ext hdd with a luks partition and lvm inside it.

ive set it up manually, and also enabled it to run through thunar.
thunar prompts for passphrase and opens then mounts it fine.

but there are 2 small issues with the set up:

thunar is doesn't deactivate the LVM, which means it is also unable to close the luks crypt. is this normal, and does it mean that full vol management isn't poss with luks/lvm drives on thunar? (i can unmount and unplug, but because the luks wasn't closed it cannot be reopened/mounted).

thunar also maps the luks crypt to sth like luks- + a very long UUID, and it does this even if a mapper label has previously been set. it wdn't be such an issue (ie coz a label/mount point can be set that doesn't involve the UUID) if i didn't need to manually deactivate the lvm vol group and then manually close the luks. as it is i have to do it from the cmd line and have to go find an un-rememberable number every time.

i thought mayb some folks here know more abt this than me.

EDIT: uh, soz, cd move this to 'desktop'. my bad.

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