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#1 2019-11-17 02:16:05

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it's back: unknown mountable device

it's back: an unknown mountable device icon has appeared in the desktop for 2 users (so far) but not in the others.  its size shows as "4.1 KB" which i suspect really comes from something that is 4096 bytes in size (e.g. one page).  i'd like to know which program watches for device changes to put them on the desktop as icons.  maybe it has logged some information that could be a clue to what it sees.  it would need to be something specific to those 2 users (forums and phil) otherwise other users would see it.  but there is nothing i can see in their home directories by recursively listing them.

here is what it looks like next to the upper left.

what i am thinking of doing once i know which program, is put strace on it for a while to see all where it is looking (right now to see what goes away).


i rebooted and both of them went away, as expected and as happened in the past.  i saved a listing of the files for user phil both before and after the reboot and they are exactly identical.  so there is nothing in the home directory that went away to make that icon go away.  i wonder what it could be.  maybe it is not in the file space.  but that would be expected to be seen by all users, eventually.

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