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#1 2019-11-26 06:40:42

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Cloud options for XFCE

A) Google drive.. You can have as many as you want google drives right on your XFCE desktop. They are just like unmounted media, you click it, it mounts and you got your cloud space right there. To set it up you need gnome3. From settings in gnome add online accounts, in this case Google accounts, as many as you want. Funny thing is, in gnome it doesn't show google drives on desktop, but in XFCE it does.

B) MEGA. It's right there in system tray. Starts up nicely minimized.

C) Dropbox. Also in system tray. But that thing is buggy. If you add it to auto start it will ask you to update it and stuff. However, when launched using a script 20 or so seconds after start up it starts and hides in system tray nicely.

What other cloud options you know of that intergrate nicely with XFCE desktop??


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