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#1 2019-12-20 21:09:50

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temporary text files or folders

Sometimes I create temporary text files or folders on the desktop so as not to bother. So, when I delete them, the removal of one small text file takes 5-15 seconds (!), While the HDD is constantly spinning (what can it possibly be doing, looking for or creating?), And the system itself rather slows down for that time.
Has anyone experienced this? Is there any way to speed up the deletion of files from the desktop in XFCE?

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#2 2019-12-20 21:19:20

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Re: temporary text files or folders

Which version of Xfce and xfdesktop are you using?

On a fresh boot and login, post back the results of ~/.xsession-errors (if your distro creates one) and do the following to get xfdesktop debug info:
1. Restart xfdesktop in debug mode:

xfdesktop -Q && xfdesktop -e

2. Try deleting one of these files
3. When the file is finally deleted, post back the full output of the debug command.

Lets see if there are some hints as to what the problem may be.


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