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#1 2020-01-23 12:51:47

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[SOLVED] No more thumbnail in thunar


System : Debian Sid
Xfce: 4.14
Thunar: 1.18.11-1

I don't understand why, thumbnails are no more generated into ~/.cache/thumbnail.

What i tried so far :
chown -R user:user on ~/.cache/thumbnail
clean ~/.cache/thumbnail
Remove ~/.config/Thunar
In thunar settings, "Show thumbnail" is set to always
Tried to reinstall tumbler/tumbler-common/tumbler-plugins-extra/ffmpegthumbnailer

A process /usr/lib/x86_64/thumber-1/thumblerd is running

Tried a kill all Thunar, tried thunar -q

If anyone have anything to try for get back the thumbnail...

Thanks by advance

Edit : nevermind, i restarted and everything is back to normal

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