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#1 2020-01-28 05:55:26

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xfce4-terminal ignores --display= and DISPLAY=X.X

Normally launching something with DISPLAY=:0.1 coolProgram will launch it on the display 0.1. xfce4-terminal has long ignored this. It also has an actual option --display which the man page says --display=display; but does not denote the syntax. Neither launching with DISPLAY as a prefix to the command or settings the --display= window option works. There is also --default-display=display; which also fails to do anything.

A note about the man page and syntax being vague. I've tried --display=1 --display=:1 --display=:0.1 to no avail. Likewise --display=0 --display=:0 --display=:0.0. No matter what I do the term will always launch on --display=:0.1 This means I can never use a term on --display=:0.0

Running on XUbu 18.04

Perhaps this also has something to do with the fact the xfce4 display settings can/will not run and doesn't seem to comprehend/deal with multi GPU set ups at all much less incorrectly?

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