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#1 2020-02-04 22:00:26

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Can Thunar edit files located in a remote WebDav server?

I've just triet to connect in a remote WebDav server using Thunar and and Dolphin.

Dolphin (With KDE Neon) allows me to open the WebDav lodged in the server... and edit them. I can work with the files like they were in a local folder.

With Thunar (1.8.11) is different. With thunar I can connet to the server... but When I double click to open a file I can't. If try to open and .odt file then Libreoffice doesn't start. If try to open a text file Mousepad opens... but always with a Blank file..

has Thunar a bug? Or Thunar simply has a bad Webdav client with less functionality than Dolphin.


#2 2020-02-05 00:22:05

From: Canada
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Re: Can Thunar edit files located in a remote WebDav server?

It works here for me (Arch Linux, thunar 1.8.12, gvfs 1.42.2) - connecting to an owncloud server. Though I don't recall it being an issue for me for past few versions. How are you mounting the share?


Oddly enough, I can't connect to it using dolphin.


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