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#1 2020-02-06 14:14:42

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Mouse offset (maybe xfwm?)

So I recently changed my monitors and to keep things brief this also saw me switch which monitors connect to which GPU. Ever since then dialogs and windows can have an insane offset. Almost always dialogs will appear 1080px above or below where I click. Clicking a window to move it sees the window jump 1080px vertically as well. In some applications I can not click on things because the clickable area is off screen but I can scroll around with with mouse wheel or use my keyboard...

Previously I had a ton of updates in here chronicling all I had done to debug and figure this out. Long story short the WM seems to be denoting things incorrectly off the GPU. If I swap the screens in my driver layout as to who is on top vs on bottom everything works correctly, except upside down. I physically swapped my GPU's...works but my good GPU is now crippled. Input on why the WM gets some things right but other things are completely bat sheeyat insane would be appreciated.

Xubu 18.04 XFCE 4.12 running in Xinerama since running the GPU's split breaks tons of applications...even Panel refuses to list things from other GPU...frustrating.

**Update Feb 18th 2020
So fun times (problems) saw me returning all my new screens due to rampant defects in the panels. I'm back to 3 screens but I decided to try to still use both GPU's. Basically 3 XScreens the left and right off the slower GPU and my center screen run by the fastest so the odd time I play a game the GPU can focus.

With this setup the offset is how horizontal. Before clicking a browser window would see if jump below and dialogs pop up above. Now the windows jump to the right of my cursor and dialogs to the left.

**Robert Stack in a trench coat UPDATE!
This is starting to look like XFWM being confused by the nVidia drivers but only with some things. I spent far too many hours fooling with this today but if you stare at something too long it just kinda blurs together. I finally caught a line that seemed normal
    Option         "Xinerama" "1"
but then I realized that was just for one XScreen. So one GPU was run without Xinerama while the other was running with Xinerama but both GPU's were bound by Xinerama. So one GPU was configured as a single screen 5760x1080 while the other GPU was configured as 1920x1080*3 but still as a single screen of 5760x2160. Some applications get the right XY, some don't. Seems like this primarily affects windows not decorated by xfwm. So for example Steam, most browsers like Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave. Oddly TOR works fine while FireFox will XY correctly for the window but not dialogs.

So after all that anecdotal discovery dumping my question is where are applications that do not use standard xfwm decorations getting their XY coordinates from when using xfce if not from xfwm decorated or not?

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