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#1 2020-02-18 18:37:17

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my xfce session seems to time out after remote desktop disconnect

I connect to an Ubuntu 18 VM via RDP (VMWare Horizon client) for work, and when I disconnect (NOT logging off) I am repeatedly losing my ability to reconnect to the ongoing session after some time has passed. This doesn't happen with gnome shell using the same connection setup, so I know it's not a VMWare setting - but I am currently unable to use gnome because the software-based display "card" on the VM is having issues since a system update, and only works with xfce. Any suggestions on how to track this problem down would be greatly appreciated.

Note that I'm not concerned with saving sessions, as that still loses terminal windows so I can't resume where I left off. I just want the session to persist and want to be able to reconnect to it after a long break/change in location. I'm comfortable using Ubuntu but am not a Linux wizard - If anyone can point me to some way to see session logs and/or determine when and how they are terminating I think that would be a start. If anyone knows of a way to specify that the session should NEVER time out, that would also be helpful. As would any other suggestions. Really hoping there's a setting I'm missing somewhere!



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