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#1 2020-05-13 13:41:39

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Cursor (pointer) not transmitting in Google Meet. XFCE problem?

I'm just asking - I've been am XFCE fan for years.

I've been trying to use Google Meet for my classes at the university, and my students report
they cannot see my mouse cursor, which makes is very hard to point and interract.

I'm trying to investigate the cause of this issue. The following tests/reports:

- I've tried a meet with another machine, and indeed, the cursor is not shown remotely.

- Strangest of all: Zoom sharing works perfectly - including cursor.

- I've heard a couple of comments indicating Ubuntu, using its standard window manager,
(not Xubuntu/XFCE) seems to work too.

- For some strange reason, venerable 'xterm' shows the cursor correctly (until now the only
program I've found that does this). The cursor show is a couple of lines off though.

- Erratically, just sharing a screen fails, and the window shows as a black rectangle at the
other end.

- It doesn't seem to matter if Windows or Linux is used at the client's end.

- I seem to remember, years ago, that there was an issue about software or hardware
cursors being an issue, but can't recall the details (this was several PC's ago and probably
at XFCE 4.8 or less, and Linux 2.xxx)

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
Suggestions for testing?
Could this be an XFCE problem?
I've searched -a lot- on the search engines, found nearly no reference
to this issue (in fact, just one, confirming cursors don't work on Ubuntu, contradicting above)


            shows       cursor
gnumeric    Yes         No
geany       No          Sometimes(1)
firefox     Yes         Yes
xeyes       Yes         Yes
linsmith    Yes         No
geeqie      Yes         No
gimp        Yes         No

(1) If editor has much text, it doesn't show.
    In one occasion, Meet blocked completely. (had to restart FF)
    Another time, resizing screen, shared screen warbled.

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#2 2020-05-17 14:49:54

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Re: Cursor (pointer) not transmitting in Google Meet. XFCE problem?

Sorry, thought I had something but it was your question on Stack Overflow!


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