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#1 2020-05-21 20:16:13

The Squash
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STLWRT: The traditional brought back to life

Right now and for the past few weeks I've been working on a maintained derivative of GTK+ 2 named STLWRT.

Now, I've tried to explain this to other people on other forums in the past few weeks and a lot of people don't quite get what I just said at first.  So let me elaborate.

I used to use GTK+ 1.  GTK+ 1 was good enough for me at the time.  At the time XFCE did not use GTK; it used XForms, a proprietary toolkit, which I did not approve of.

Then I switched to GTK+ 2.  I found it was great.  I used GNOME and LXDE desktops for a long time.  (I got used to using GNOME, so I didn't bother trying out XFCE for a long time, even once it was ported to GTK.)

Then came GTK+ 3.  I realized something bad was brewing, even though it didn't unfold as quickly as I figured it would.  Soon after GTK+ 3 was released, GNOME 3 was released.  This was when I dropped GNOME like a hot potato and have barely used it since then.

Fast forward some years and LXDE went dead.  This was in 2016.  I considered MATE and XFCE as my next desktops.  I was hoping to go with XFCE but realized it was on the cusp of going partially GNOME-style, so I ultimately switched to MATE, the desktop I still use today.  I thought I could live in peace forever.

I write apps with GTK.  I am familiar with how GTK works, and I try to keep up-to-date on the latest information about the versions of GTK around the corner.  I was thus disturbed when I read about what's going on in the development of GTK 4.  Many of the changes in GTK 4 seem, frankly, stupid to me and totally undermine the traditional GUI concepts.  GTK 4 doesn't even have real menus.

In the 9 years since GTK+ 3 was released, I've realized there are a lot of people who don't like GTK+ 3 (and much less GTK 4), but who are unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Today, there are still some "stubborn" developers who insist on keeping their applications GTK+ 2-only.  Until recently the GIMP was like this.

On the other side of the coin, there are a lot of application developers who have just converted their applications to use GTK+ 3 and don't want to go back.  XFCE may be a good example of this.

And there are some projects which have been dropped over this insanity.  LXDE is a good example of this.

This results in a fragmentation of the community to say the least.  GIMP needs GTK+ 2.  XFCE needs GTK+ 3.  Eventually, the GNOME character map will need GTK 4.  And so on.  Users will have to install all of the versions of GTK required to run those programs, and this wastes memory and disk space.  It may seem that doesn't matter today, but a lot of users choose XFCE because it's lightweight and they have hand-me-down hardware.  These users, probably the core userbase, are thus disappointed.

As such, I have been working on a solution:  STLWRT started as a fork of GTK+ 2.  I have grown it into far more than that:  It implements most of the features from GTK+ 2, some of the features from GTK+ 3 (enough to run some applications -- the list is growing), and can be modified to emulate almost any version of GTK.  It preserves the user interface of GTK+ 2, coercing GTK+ 3 applications to warp their styles until the GTK+ 3 applications look similar to GTK+ 2 applications.  It keeps the features from GTK+ 2 that users (in general) desired, and it (eventually) will be able to read GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 themes.  It doesn't matter if you have modules from both versions of GTK -- modules for either version work fine on STLWRT, and can even interoperate.

My plan with STLWRT is, once I believe it is stable enough for other developers to try it out, I'll release it -- under the LGPL, just like GTK was.

I'm hoping the users on this forum are generally more technically oriented and will understand me better and be able to give me pointers and advice.

What does everyone here thing about STLWRT given what I've said?  I'll answer further questions as they are asked.  Thank you.


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