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#1 2020-05-29 08:05:50

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Length of Support?

I'm learning that the hideous changes I'm experiencing aren't (considered to be) bugs. And that, therefore, not only will they not be fixed, the goal is actually to make Xfce all bug (so to speak).

So I need to figure out which of the "recent" versions of Xfce I can best live with. I assume that's going to be 4.10 or 4.12, unless someone can figure out how to rip all the ruin out of 4.14 and to keep it in a reasonable functional state whilst still receiving updates and automagically rejecting downgrade "updates."

Is 4.12 still supported? If so, how long will it continue to receive security updates and bug fixes?

Is 4.10 still supported? If so, how long will it continue to receive security updates and bug fixes?

I'm trying to remember what there was about 4.10 that caused me to look forward to 4.12 in the first place. Maybe it was just the thought of seeing something new? I do recall that, whenever I'd read a post by someone complaining that Xfce hadn't had a new version in... a while, I ended up thinking, "That's because it's fully mature, working fine, and - at this point - if someone insists on making changes, they'll almost certainly screw something up for little/no gain." Then I read that there was a newer version of Thunar out. Followed very soon by lots of reports of freezes/lockups/crashes, lol. Now... The team that brought us a whole lot of bad Thunar versions has gotten hip-deep into "improving" the entire package!

I really just... do... not... get... it. By "it," I mean the entire concept. I know that this whole free software thing allows it, but it's not what's causing it. Developer writes a piece of code. Nearly nothing is perfect, first go, but eventually... developer ends up with a piece of code that's solid, stable - and functions as advertised. The only thing it's really going to need is the occasional security-related patch. Sure, an extra feature once in a while would be nice, but... Maintenance. I do a little house painting now and then (the real house painting, not the euphemism for...). I set out to prep/prime/paint. I do those things. Looks good? Looks good! Job... done. Afterwards, I go do SOMETHING ELSE. Maybe what I do is paint another house. Maybe it's some other kind of work entirely. Maybe it's some personal enjoyment with the lady next door wink . Whatever it is, it's NOT me going back to the house and telling the owner, "Hey, I've decided that if I paint your windows black, you'll really enjoy sleeping in the room because the sunlight won't wake you up at dawn. And I can save on paint by sawing window-sized holes in your walls and just gluing those pieces of material to your glass. Oh, and if I don't have anything to do tomorrow, I can come back and paint your carpet, too!"

Not that I'm calling the Xfce developer team a bunch of idiots. Because that would be flaming, and likely an activity that is frowned upon. However... The above painting scenario portrays an idiot. It is also roughly analogous to what developers do when they cannot leave well enough alone, cannot rub two brain cells together and figure out "the next project" (so, instead, keep messing with the current one), and - for all I know - are one of those weird males that we occasionally read about who has never known the scent of a woman (as they say in polite company) and gets a little more crazy every day because of it. I cannot prevent you from reading my analogy and drawing your own conclusions. But I am not calling developers idiots. Oh, and if you ever advertise for a housepainter, someone shows up, you ask for references, and the guy starts trying to tell you about all the development work he did on some piece of computer software or other, well, I'm also not advising you to grab your son's baseball bat.

After all, for all I know, your son might be more likely to have a sack full of golf clubs than a baseball bat wink . . . .

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