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#1 2020-06-22 18:24:45

Registered: 2020-06-22
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Screen tearing

Hi, I'm using Debian 10 XFCE with a 970 with nvidia drivers version 418.113. I have a 4k and a 1080 display connected with hdmi and dvi.
I tried to enable synchronize drawing to the vertical blank and completely disable display composing, both without success.
The only problem I got is that when i scroll in a program I get tearing.
Thank you in advancce.


#2 2020-06-22 23:44:41

From: Canada
Registered: 2011-06-02
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Re: Screen tearing

I don't have any experience with nvidia, but I've seen this come up a number of times. Did you try ForceFullCompositionPipeline?


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