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#1 2020-07-07 09:09:31

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How do apps like Firefox decide on which virtual desktop to open ?

Since I'm an XFCE user, I was used to have all applications opening on the current virtual desktop (VD). Since a while, this behaviour has changed, at least for some applications like Firefox. I'd like to understand what has changed and how to utilize it the best way for me. smile I'm one of those users who like to be in control of everything.

Let me first add that I'm massively using multiple Forefox profiles for task and session separation, and mostly have multiple of them running in parallel (using FF's --no-remote option).
The opening behaviour seems not predictable to me ... some FF profiles open on the current VD, and some seem to have remembered where this FF profile was opened last time. I wasn't aware that this is even possible. Unfortunately, this remembering seems sometimes to be incomplete ... sometimes the first window opens on the current VD, and the others on the remembered one. In other cases, all windows open on the remembered VD.
Probably it also matters that I'm using manually saved XFCE sessions, always logout (or reboot) with the "Save session for future logins" option not being checked, and I always close all FF windows of all profiles before saving a session or logging out.

Please help me understand how this works. Is it FF that decides or is it the window manager ? What are the conditions on which the decision is made ?
Or should I better ask this in the Mozilla forums ?


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