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#1 2020-08-01 16:49:11

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Help with configuring XFCE/SLiM auto-login on Raspberry Pi4

I am running the Raspberry Pi4 with the default Raspberry OS (2020-05-27).
I installed XFCE and SLiM and now I am trying to configure the auto-login.

I am having difficulty configuring the system to load XFCE as a default session to (skip pressing F1 key).

According to the SLiM documentation (link), I should have a ~/.xinitrc file. There is no such file on my system so I created one:


case "$1" in   
     xfce) exec xfce4-session ;;
     openbox) exec openbox-session ;;
     lxde) exec lxsession ;;
     *) exec $DEFAULTSESSION ;;

The /etc/slim.conf is set with (#sessiondir /usr/share/xsessions/) as suggested.

However, when I reboot the system it still requires a manual selection of the "Xfce Session".
It looks like I am doing something wrong.

Please help.


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