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#1 2020-08-27 07:58:03

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XFCE settings

I did install last week a lot of fresh distributions all with XFCE.

The first one was Debian testing weekly build as it is offered for netinstall including XFCE (as the USB stick with XFCE did start and without XFCE did not :-( !).
As it is a weekly build I did erase it but I was astonish about the great performances.

So I did install after that both:

- deepin 2.0 Beta, also itself a testing version, and
- emmabuntus, a stable distro initially with xfce only and now with some LX.. (read at https://forum.emmabuntus.org/index.php/topic,515.0.html FR !)

As I did meet difficulties with an extremely small but, for me, very important application traditionally offered by Puppy Linux, I did reinstall Puppy linux, but, this time, it was new for me, with XFCE preinstalled.

Puppy linux is a wonderful distro as you can adapt it as you want.by very easy remastering.

The installed version is Dpup buster from josejp2424, a high performance version of Puppy Linux with an interesting depository of packages. See please https://sourceforge.net/p/dpup/discussi … a91c44df3/ .

I did save the sub directories ~/.config/xfce4 as well as ~/.config/xfce4-session, and can check, they are really included.

But the settings ARE NOT ACTIVE probably because they come as setting being to be already activated in a precedent session.

An idea how I can try to activate then as I start my session (it is a FIRST session with a supposed new remastered Linux)?


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