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#1 2020-08-31 14:16:31

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Problem with moving windows from a KVM

Hi, so bit of an unusual setup that I'll try to lay out here first.

I have two monitors, Left hand side one is orientated vertically, right is horizontal, both 2560x1440. Left is connected via HDMI to an Nvidia 1050. Right is running via HDMI into a KVM switch which then uses a HDMI->DVI cable to connect to the same 1050 card. The KVM is then also connected to a couple of other desktops via HDMI. So the the desktops point of view, there's two connections, one from HDMI->LHS monitor and the other from DVI->HDMI/KVM->RHS monitor.
My desktop layout is set up with two discreet screens, mostly so I have 'media' stuff on the left (slack, zoom, email, that sort of stuff) and then work stuff on the right.

If I switch the KVM to another machine, the windows that are on the RHS monitor move to the left - this doesn't both me at all as when I press the button to switch focus back then the windows all move back to where they were.... with one major caveat - this only happens if they're not fullscreen at the time. If I have anything fullscreen on the RHS monitor when I switch on the KVM and then switch back, that window will stay on the LHS monitor. This is, as I'm sure you can understand if you have multiple things full screen, pretty annoying. This has only happened since moving from xubuntu 18.04 to 20.04; previously all windows went back to where they were.

So far I've tried :
- digging into xfsettingsd, rebuilding having disabled xrandr
- setting 'Option "UseHotplugEvents" "off"' in xorg configs for the nvidia driver

Reason I've been looking at xrandr here is that using 'xev' I can see the xrandr events being triggered but I'd be totally happy having both monitors permanently set up irrespective of what is connected or turned on so was thinking I can just disable that and fix the issue, but nvidias drivers seem to be sending through the event even when they shouldn't so that route looks out. Really can't understand why full-screen windows are stuck though but other windows move back correctly.

Anybody got an ideas on this ?

xfce version: 4.14.0
OS: Xubuntu 20.04
Nvidia driver: 440
GPU: nvidia 1050
Monitors: 2 x dell 27" 2560x1440


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