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#1 2020-09-21 17:11:56

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wicd will not connect

I am setting up a new raspberry pi 4B 8GB. I downloaded a raspiOS image and installed it on an SD card. After doing first boot configs I downloaded raspiOS updates and upgrades then, made a few minor tweaks. The machine had no problem connecting to wi-fi when downloading the updates/upgrades. I installed XFCE and set it as the default desktop environment.

The first thing I installed after that was wicd. I had no problems downloading as the machine automatically connected to the wi-fi setup in first boot.

When I launched wicd its icon in the top panel indicated that the machine was connected to wi-fi. Here's where the problem began...in the wicd listing of networks I selected my wi-fi network, edited its properties, then clicked on "connect". The machine disconnected from wi-fi and returned a "Bad Password" error. It has not re-connected since editing network "properties" in wicd. I used the same SSID and password in first boot setup and with wicd setup.

I switched back to LXDE just to see if the machine would connect in that environment. No... it no longer will automatically connect to the network I setup in first boot.

I'm back in XFCE and still cannot connect to wi-fi. I don't know how to troubleshoot this problem. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.


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