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#1 2020-09-28 17:38:11

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Desktop annotate overlay?

We're using xfce in an educational lab,  and with covid we have changed alot of the ways we deliver the course to keep the instructors away from the students as much as possible.   Videoconference lab instruction aswell as the instructors have the ability to vnc into the students session via running x11vnc on systemd.

Everything is working lickety split,   but our instructors have requested the ability to annotate the students screen without actually changing the screen.   (we're a met school,  so think drawing fronts on maps etc).   Instuctors have full access to control the screen by vnc,  but sort of looking for the ability to add notes to the screen while they're chatting on videoconf.

i'm sure it's probably scriptable to grab a screen image and load it up in the paint program of choice,  just wondering if there is some sort existing functionality like this out there. 



#2 2020-09-29 01:31:49

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Re: Desktop annotate overlay?


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